Auto Credit Financial is the nation’s most effective source for automotive credit financing. By seamlessly connecting buyers and dealerships, founder and CEO Mark Hergert makes the car-buying process easier than ever.

The story of Mark Hergert and Auto Credit Financial, however, is not one of constantly smooth times. It’s a story of hard work, innovation, and risk-taking, but above all else, it’s a story of perseverance.


Mark Hergert - America’s Credit Guru
Mark Hergert got his start in the auto industry at the age of 18, and worked at numerous dealerships in Oregon, Hawaii, and Michigan.

After the birth of his daughter, Hannah, Mark decided to go at it on his own. He wanted the freedom and flexibility of an entrepreneur, so he founded Auto Net Financial, a source for high-quality credit leads that rose to popularity with dealerships thanks to Mark’s innovative “No Sale No Fee” program. This allowed dealers to work with Mark at no risk, and quickly became the gold standard for lead generation. Using his system, Auto Net Financial was the leading source for credit leads for an entire decade.

The Collapse of 2008
The success of Auto Net Financial eventually slowed in 2008. After the collapse of the sub-prime lending industry and the decline of the economy throughout the globe, Mark chose to sell Auto Net Financial to Auto Credit Express. Although Mark no longer had his company, he still had the drive for success and passion for helping no credit or bad credit car buyers. These internal qualities eventually led him to new success...

The Founding of Auto Credit Financial
When the auto market began to recover, Mark knew there would be people out there who could use his experience, knowledge, and expertise. There were buyers who needed fair loans despite having bad credit, and there were dealerships who need fast, effective, and profitable leads.

This led Mark to reinvent the “No Sale No Fee” policy through the founding of Auto Credit Financial. Mark’s new endeavor is quickly becoming the new leader in high-quality credit leads, helping buyer find the car they need, and dealers find the motivated customers they want.

About the “No Sale No Fee” Program

Mark’s “No Sale No Fee” program allows dealers to work with Auto Credit Financial at no risk. With this program, dealers can purchase exclusive areas and receive fully completed credit applications at no charge. The dealer only pays when the customer makes a purchase, allowing the dealership to keep their money if the lead doesn’t work out. So if a customer generates a lead, stops in for a test drive, and decided to purchase at another location, the dealer won’t pay a fee.

Auto Credit Financial: Helping You Find the Car You Need

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