A “Thank you post” to Auto Credit Financial

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A couple of weeks back I was looking to buy a brand-new car. I knew exactly what I wanted to buy and I could not wait to get behind the steering of my new Ford Focus. Unfortunately for me, my poor credit rating soon put the brakes on getting that new car I so desired. I was devastated.

You see I couldn't afford to buy the car on cash so I had to apply for automobile financing through my local bank. I filled out an automobile financing application and was positive everything would be just fine. The next day I got a call from the bank to inform me that my application, for automobile financing, has been declined because my credit rating was apparently below 600. I was shocked, angry, and sad at the same. I've been banking with these guys for years and now when I want to apply for a simple auto credit loan they just slam the door shut in my face.

I guess after the financial crisis struck banks became more reluctant to hand out loans to people with bad credit.

Out of my own experience I can tell you that if you know you have a bad credit rating don’t even bother applying for automobile financing through the banks, I can already tell you what the answer will be.

However I was determined to get my new car and was not going to let 1 denied auto credit application keep me from getting behind the wheels of my Ford Focus.

I browsed around on the internet to find out what my different options were for obtaining automobile financing while having bad credit.

The choices were overwhelming. Many of these sites promised you the world but when you go into the fine print and actually start with the application process their friendly, inviting website turns into a hostile place, they start bombarding you with questions and require you to submit all your personal information. Something I was not comfortable doing.

However there was one exception. Just as I was about to give up hope, I stumbled upon an Auto Credit dealer called Auto Credit Financial. I was skeptical at first but I thought I would try my luck one last time. I made use of their online loan application calculator to determine how much my monthly premiums would be. I was pleasantly surprised. They offered far better rates than any of the other auto credit lenders I approached. I filled out the online application which was easy and hassle free. After I filled out the application for my automobile financing I received an answer within minutes. They approved me even with my bad credit rating!


I was delighted! The next day I made my way down to the dealership and that same day I drove away with my brand-new Ford Focus thanks to Auto Credit Financial. It just goes to show if you are determined enough to get something it will come to you.  

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