Auto Credit Financial offers affordable alternative financing options.

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There are lots of excellent automobile financing choices out there, but sadly for individuals with poor credit the choices are limited.

Look at all the, 0% interest automobile financing offers on new cars currently being offered by numerous of the leading car manufacturers these days, like General Motors and Ford.

 Both often drop the big 0 before many of their automobile financing deals, but without having a good credit rating, for instance 700+, you could quickly end up on the short end of the stick.

Automobile financing with bad credit

Plenty of dealerships even offer alternative financing options when it comes to people who do not meet their zero percent automobile financing criteria, yet these alternative financing options lack the appeal or benefits that made you enter the dealership in the first place.

An alternative option might be to try and get automobile financing through banks or credit unions.  Having said that, these choices may not be available to you, in case you have bad or sub-prime credit.

In case you are in need of automobile financing and you have bad credit your best choice is going to be, to go with, an auto credit lender that specializes in bad credit, giving you the most options. 

Auto Credit Financial works with you, to provide affordable, bad credit, automobile financing options!

The advantage of Auto Credit Financial is, not only do you receive an affordable rate but they offer a way to restore your credit rating.

Apply for an Auto Loan Online

Even if you have bad credit and want to obtain automobile financing, or even if you put zero down, we have an automobile financing options that can work with you, rather than against, helping you get back on the streets with your new ride in no time.

With Auto Credit Financial’s extensive network of new and used cars throughout the country you are sure to find some great deals. Apply for automobile financing  for your new vechile and you can get approved within minutes!


Visit Auto Credit Financial and fill out an application form today! It is as simple as click, apply and drive.

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After years of delays, the credit industry finally agreed to give consumers access to their personal "credit scores." This is important, because lenders use credit scores to determine who to give credit to and at what rates. Knowing your credit score can be empowering,If it's low you can take steps to improve your credit worthiness and if it's high you may be able to use it as leverage when shopping for your next car loan.