For Richer or Poorer – A True Story

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For Richer or Poorer – A True Story





This is a true story about some events that happened in my life. I would like to share this with others, so they don't have to make the same mistakes I did, and most importantly so that they can learn from what I did wrong.

Let's start at the beginning. I once was married to a rich, no very rich man. He was making a great deal of money and we were living the life of rock stars. We just bought two apartments, and traveled around the globe frequently, living a life of luxury indeed.
Sitting on a tropical beach in the South of France, little did I know my life was going to change forever within the next few months!

When we arrived back from our trip, things started getting strange. James was not going into work and he was just not himself. I confronted James about this and he told me he lost his job. The company found out he was stealing money for years. I was absolutely shocked to find out about this and needless to say very angry.

However James started getting more and more depressed. I eventually overcame my anger and took on the role of the supporting wife, trying to help James to get back on his feet again.

Fast forward a few months and it looked like James was getting better. He said he found a new job but never really went into detail about it. Sometimes he would be gone the whole weekend, saying he had to go on a business trip. As James was always faithful I never thought he was lying to me, and I had no reason not to trust him. Although I found it strange that he never spoke much about his new job.

One morning the phone rang. It was a debt collector saying, James owed him money. This was very strange to me as we never had the need to borrow money. When James got back from his trip I confronted him about this. His reply was that it must have been some sort of mistake and that I should not worry about it.

I always thought we were sound financially and believed James. However the calls became more and more frequent and James went on more and more "business trips". I realized something was wrong, very wrong!
One night I confronted James, we had an argument and eventually I got the truth out of him. There was never a new job! He was gambling. I found out he used all our savings to pay back gambling money he owed.

For the first time in my life I had to worry about money. I found a job and so did John, after he got out of gambling rehab, but regardless of our duel income we just couldn't afford to make ends meet. Our credit rating dropped from excellent to bad and we were really struggling.

Despite what happened I still loved John and I was willing to give him a second (third?) chance. The years that followed were the hardest of my life. I was working two jobs and John, now having a criminal record behind his name, had to settle for an average, low paying job.

As luck would have it, it was round about this time our car broke down. We certainly couldn't afford to buy a new car. We were in desperate need for automobile financing but who would give an auto credit loan to us having such a bad credit rating?

I heard about an auto credit marketer called Auto Credit Financial and I contacted them. I explained to them our situation and the person I dealt with was very sympathetic. They were willing to give us an auto credit loan even with our bad credit rating. We got the pre- approved loan, went to a used car dealership and signed for an affordable, yet reliable vehicle. Auto Credit Financial went through with the loan application, and the same day we were driving home with our newly bought car.

The following years were hard, very hard, but we bit our teeth and we promised each other we would get through it. We started a new life, minimized our expenditures and made timely repayments on all our loans. John got promoted after a couple of years and was now getting a descent income. I to found a better job and after a few very dark years, I was finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We eventually recovered and we are now living a happy honest life. We have 2 beautiful kids. John and I are more in love than ever. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Auto Credit Financial for believing in us and granting us an auto credit loan when we most needed it.
What I would like you to learn from my story is that - no matter how bad your situation seems to be, there is always a way out, you just have to believe and keep moving forward!

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©Mark Hergert
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