Bad Credit Low Interest Rate Loans




Many banks simply refuse to accept auto credit loan applications from people with a bad credit rating.
If you are looking to buy a new car, but are close to pulling your hair out of your head due to sheer frustration,
because all your auto credit loan applications keep on getting rejected don't worry.
Take a deep breath here's what you've got to do.

There are plenty of alternative options, plus what is more fun than shopping for a new car? You might say, "yeah its fun until you to start looking at automobile financing options."True it can be a daunting task trying to get automobile financing with your bad credit score (that is why you are reading this post after all). But here is the thing – it does not have to be that way.

Auto Credit Financial are automobile financing specialists, when it comes to providing automobile financing to people with bad credit. So stop worrying and start looking forward to your new ride!
Don't feel bad, credit problems happen to the best of us, it is just one of those things and you have to face it. Regardless if your bad credit is because of poor spending habits, unemployment or even illness, Auto Credit Financial wants to help you.

Everyone deserves a second chance and that is exactly why Auto Credit Financial wants to help. We will make a fair unbiased decision when evaluating your bad credit loan application. Should you get approved, we offer you low interest rates, long term loans which you can afford while you are recovering from your temporary financial slump.

Auto Credit Financial provides automobile financing for new and used vehicles, regardless of your credit score. We offer exceptionally low, bad credit interest rate loans because we realize even a small percentage drop in interest may lead to you saving a significant amount of money over time. That is what we are all about helping you get, automobile financing while at the same time saving you money.
So, No! Don't feel you have to settle for unreasonable interest rates just because you have bad credit, that is simply not the case. Don't let other lenders trick you into believing that. Visit Auto Credit Financial today, and see what they can do for you.

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Second Chance Automobile Financing With Auto Credit Financial


Second Chance Car Loans

The year was 2007 when the economy unexpectedly collapsed, global recession struck. Suddenly the demand for automobile financing drastically increased. Many folks used to have really good credit scores until; suddenly they found themselves in dire financial straits. With a lot of them defaulting on their loans. Many were forced to declare bankruptcy. It is a sad but true story.

Many of these people were shocked to find out their credit ratings were no longer good enough to obtain a loan through a bank or credit union, usually the best option for automobile financing. It is a difficult and nerve raking process to apply for auto credit through banks if you have a bad credit rating. Too often loan applications get declined and you are forced to turn away, walking out of the bank with your head down, feeling disappointed and embarrassed.

2nd Chance automobile financing with Auto Credit Financial
Here is the good news. When you want to secure an auto credit loan, with a bad credit rating, many people are unaware of the different choices out there.
Auto Credit Financial is America's Pre-Approved Auto Loan Source. Auto Credit Financial specializes in helping people with a poor credit rating to find a loan that suits their unique financial situation.

True, this usually comes at a slightly higher price because of higher risk involved, however as Americas leading pre-approved auto loan source. We can help you to recover from your bad credit rating by reporting your timely, monthly payments. When you apply for automobile financing through Auto Credit Financial, we know exactly how to help you get back on your feet.

Making Bad Credit a Thing Of the Past
That being said, no matter who you choose as your auto credit lender, the only person who can help you regain good credit is you!

Buying a car or truck that you know you can afford the down payments for, will be your best bet to prevent any repeated credit problems creeping in, just until your finances improve, which should be in no time. Providing you make some smart financial choices down the road.

Example: Imagine you want to buy a truck, rather opt for one that you know you can afford instead of the shiny new luxury edition, no matter how much you desire it!

Repaying your loans consistency and on time is the way to go, missing payments is the last thing you want to do, if you would like to improve your credit score. Be wary there are many options for second chance automobile financing, but getting a loan the 3rd time round is highly unlikely!
If you are seeking an auto credit loan and you are determined to improve your credit score, visit Auto Credit Financial and see how they can help you.

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Bad Credit Questions and Answers

Question submitted by John A

I would like to apply for a loan to buy a new vehicle but all the banks turned me down, because I have bad credit. Is it possible to obtain automobile financing from somewhere else? Keep in mind I don't want to pay ridiculously high interest rates, is this possible to obtain a low interest loan, even with my bad credit score? What are my alternatives?

Sarah Answers

Hi John, good question. I do not know what your financial background is. However from experience I can tell you banks usually turns a loan application down because you have bad credit or no credit. If your credit score is spiraling out of control due to financial difficulty, or if you are a possible first time buyer with no credit rating, it is always going to be difficult to get a loan approved.
In your question you mentioned you wanted to buy a new vehicle. Even though some of the banks you applied at declined your loan application, you might be surprised to find out there are still a few other options for you to consider, when it comes to automobile financing.
I'll give you a few safe and affordable tips to get a loan even with a bad credit rating, while at the same time avoiding those high interest rates that you mentioned.
Ok so let's face it you already tried to apply for a loan and got your application rejected so yes, having a bad credit rating is a bit of a stumbling block, when it comes to securing automobile financing.
The banks probably denied your application for auto credit because you do not fit the lending criteria they use when deciding to approve an application for an auto credit loan.

Here are you alternative options:

Consider P2P lending - (NO not the file sharing service!) P2P lending stands for peer to peer lending as you might have guessed. It's an online loan platform which allows you to borrow money from an individual person rather than a bank or credit union. It is still a rather new concept and has only been around since 2006 but it is growing in popularity.
You can either register as a lender or a borrower. When registering as a borrower you fill out some basic info, like how much you would like to borrow, the interest rate you are willing to settle for and the reason why you want the loan (in your case you would type, "I'm looking for automobile financing to buy a new car).

Lenders will review the active applications on the site, and get in contact with you, if they are willing to grant you the loan. Automobile financing is especially common on the P2P lending platform and you should not have too much trouble finding a lender.

You set your own terms.
It takes some time before an auto credit lender makes contact with you.

It is not always easy finding a lender that will agree to give you a low interest auto credit loan.
Approval takes a long time.
You have to submit a small mountain of paper work before your loan gets approved.

BAD CREDIT OPTION 2: Ask Family or Friends for Help
If the banks declined your loan application, and you can't find automobile financing on a P2P lending platform surely your family and friends might help you? However this is a bit of a tricky one as it is never nice to swallow your pride and ask your friends for help. It is important that you treat loans granted from family or friends just as you would treat loans obtained from a bank or credit union. It is always a smart move to draw up some written agreement before accepting the money.

You likely won't pay any interest.
There is some flexibility when it comes to agreeing on the terms of the loan.

You have to swallow your pride.
Lending money from family or friends has often led to disastrous consequences in the past – especially when you can't pay back the loans.

BAD CREDIT OPTION 3: Auto Credit Financial
This is not an advertisement for Auto Credit Financial but rather a story of personal experience.
Like John, I was also in need of automobile financing to get me a new car. I was young at the time and did not really have any credit rating, so all banks turned me down. The P2P lending platform seemed too complicated for me, and asking family or friends for money just wasn't an option.

There are tens of thousands of auto credit dealerships out there who claim they "have the best deal for you", but when it comes to actually getting the loan you start to find out about all the extra charges and high interest rates that you have to pay.

Not the case with Auto Credit Financial! I went to their website and made use of the online loan calculator, which calculated my monthly premiums. It was low so I was a bit skeptical, I then chose to speak with one of the online auto credit advisors, they were very helpful and explained EVERYTHING to me.

Turns out the quote from the online loan calculator was indeed correct!
I applied and got a no obligation pre approved loan. This means that nothing had to be finalized until I purchased my shiny new Ford Fiesta and signed the contract. Auto Credit Financial then went ahead, as promised, and gave me the automobile financing I needed.

I'm just about to pay off my last premium and Auto Credit Financial even helped me build up my credit score!

To get back to John's question, "How can I get automobile financing with bad credit?" The above mentioned are some of your best options, when it comes to securing a loan with bad credit. My advice, to you John, would certainly be to go with OPTION 3 – and make use of Auto Credit Financial as I did. It's going save you a lot of money in the long run. Good luck with your auto credit application!


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For Richer or Poorer – A True Story





This is a true story about some events that happened in my life. I would like to share this with others, so they don't have to make the same mistakes I did, and most importantly so that they can learn from what I did wrong.

Let's start at the beginning. I once was married to a rich, no very rich man. He was making a great deal of money and we were living the life of rock stars. We just bought two apartments, and traveled around the globe frequently, living a life of luxury indeed.
Sitting on a tropical beach in the South of France, little did I know my life was going to change forever within the next few months!

When we arrived back from our trip, things started getting strange. James was not going into work and he was just not himself. I confronted James about this and he told me he lost his job. The company found out he was stealing money for years. I was absolutely shocked to find out about this and needless to say very angry.

However James started getting more and more depressed. I eventually overcame my anger and took on the role of the supporting wife, trying to help James to get back on his feet again.

Fast forward a few months and it looked like James was getting better. He said he found a new job but never really went into detail about it. Sometimes he would be gone the whole weekend, saying he had to go on a business trip. As James was always faithful I never thought he was lying to me, and I had no reason not to trust him. Although I found it strange that he never spoke much about his new job.

One morning the phone rang. It was a debt collector saying, James owed him money. This was very strange to me as we never had the need to borrow money. When James got back from his trip I confronted him about this. His reply was that it must have been some sort of mistake and that I should not worry about it.

I always thought we were sound financially and believed James. However the calls became more and more frequent and James went on more and more "business trips". I realized something was wrong, very wrong!
One night I confronted James, we had an argument and eventually I got the truth out of him. There was never a new job! He was gambling. I found out he used all our savings to pay back gambling money he owed.

For the first time in my life I had to worry about money. I found a job and so did John, after he got out of gambling rehab, but regardless of our duel income we just couldn't afford to make ends meet. Our credit rating dropped from excellent to bad and we were really struggling.

Despite what happened I still loved John and I was willing to give him a second (third?) chance. The years that followed were the hardest of my life. I was working two jobs and John, now having a criminal record behind his name, had to settle for an average, low paying job.

As luck would have it, it was round about this time our car broke down. We certainly couldn't afford to buy a new car. We were in desperate need for automobile financing but who would give an auto credit loan to us having such a bad credit rating?

I heard about an auto credit marketer called Auto Credit Financial and I contacted them. I explained to them our situation and the person I dealt with was very sympathetic. They were willing to give us an auto credit loan even with our bad credit rating. We got the pre- approved loan, went to a used car dealership and signed for an affordable, yet reliable vehicle. Auto Credit Financial went through with the loan application, and the same day we were driving home with our newly bought car.

The following years were hard, very hard, but we bit our teeth and we promised each other we would get through it. We started a new life, minimized our expenditures and made timely repayments on all our loans. John got promoted after a couple of years and was now getting a descent income. I to found a better job and after a few very dark years, I was finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We eventually recovered and we are now living a happy honest life. We have 2 beautiful kids. John and I are more in love than ever. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Auto Credit Financial for believing in us and granting us an auto credit loan when we most needed it.
What I would like you to learn from my story is that - no matter how bad your situation seems to be, there is always a way out, you just have to believe and keep moving forward!

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Bad Credit Auto Loans, after Bankruptcy

With Auto Credit Financial



Many people see bankruptcy as a harbinger of misfortune. However, it is simply not true! Indeed, I realize how tough it can be after bankruptcy, but you nevertheless have some choices available to you, when you are seeking bad credit auto loans, following your bankruptcy.
Keep in mind, bankruptcy laws are generally not bad these laws are in place to protect you from collectors as well as to help you make a fresh financial start. So make sure that you don't look at your recent bankruptcy as the end of the world, but rather as turning over a new leaf.

Part of your new beginning will certainly revolve around transportation. Let's face it; you just can't get around in today's world without a reliable vehicle. Let us investigate a few of the most common after bankruptcy instances, and also what you need to do when you've recently filed for bankruptcy. Yet still need to find bad credit auto loans or automobile financing.

Bad Credit Scenario 1: You want to Keep Your Vehicle – but need financing.
You may still be a bit behind on your car loan payments and in dire need of bad credit automobile financing to help you in your efforts to get and stay current on any car loans.

If you are looking for good and affordable automobile financing with your bad credit status. I would definitely recommend Auto Credit Financial. They have an automobile financing option to suite any person, regardless of financial background.

You will find that when discharged from bankruptcy there are so many offers of different loans, like car loans and truck loans (should you own a truck). Just beware many of these loan deals come with ridiculously high interest rates. Fortunately this is not the case with Auto Credit Finance.

Bad Credit Scenario 2: You need to surrender your vehicle-- what can you do?

Losing your vehicle can be very bad for your mental state of mind but don't despair. You can get bad credit automobile financing, to take care of your problem. Auto Credit Financial can help you to work out a loan plan regardless of your bad credit score.

Bad Credit Scenario 3: You have to Trade in Your Car-- to help with your loan repayments
If you assume you ran out of luck, you may be surprised to learn Auto Credit Financial is willing to help you obtain the auto loan you need. Just visit and talk to an Auto Credit Financial expert or fill out an online application form, Auto Credit Financial can help you find a loan that suits your financial situation and get you approved within minutes!

Life after Bankruptcy and Bad Credit
Bad credit is temporary and once your record has been cleaned you certainly don't want to let financial matters get bad again. An automobile financing option might just be what you need to make some regular payments on time; so that you can begin the process of rebuilding your credit rating and getting rid of your bad credit score. You can avoid high interest rates by ensuring you make monthly re-payments promptly and on time. Start by speaking to an Auto Credit Financial consultant to help you work out an automobile financing plan that will work best for you.

To find out what kind of auto loans you qualify for, don't forget to visit Auto Credit Financial. They specialize in helping you find the best bad credit auto loan and are known as one of the leading bad credit lenders out there. Auto Credit Financial can help you to work out a loan plan regardless of your bad credit score.

Remember there is life after bankruptcy.

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You have probably heard a lot of rumors about getting credit after filing bankruptcy especially when it comes to car loans. You can still get quality bad credit auto loans with reasonable terms even after you declared Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.

Mark Hergert CEO, Managing Director


A major key to getting a loan is to have steady employment. Ideally you have been at the same job and residence for at least a year. Also you must make sure a judge has finalized or “discharged” your bankruptcy case before you can legally apply for any type of auto loan. 


If you are still paying debts under a Chapter 13 plan you cannot legally apply for any kind of credit without a judge’s permission a judge will probably approve your request if you truly need to get into another car.

After BK Auto Loan

If you had good credit before bankruptcy but just ran into some hard financial times you will be able to get a car loan with a fairly low down payment and interest rate in some cases you can get a loan without a down payment or trade in.  

The best types of car loans these days require a down payment even if you have good credit generally you should plan to trade in another vehicle or pay about $1,000 toward a getting into an auto loan.


What if I have filed for bankruptcy in the past? If your current bankruptcy has been discharged and you are currently employed you will most likely qualify for an auto loan.

Please use our free auto loan application, submit your auto loan application and see whether you qualify for an auto loan.

This is the easiest way for you to determine whether you qualify for a car loan and whether you can get your car credit application approved especially if you still have your recent bankruptcy showing in your credit reports.



Bankruptcy Special

 Apply Online Now




After Bankruptcy Auto Credit®

A Mark Hergert Company 2007-2014

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Get Your Own Dream Car Today Even with a Bad Credit Car Rating 

Everyone has a chance of getting the vehicle they desire, even with bad credit car loan rating. There are effective options; noteworthy is an auto loan from a good company that anyone from self-employed individuals to those who have recovered from bankruptcy can avail. Here are some important things one should keep in mind before applying for a loan.


Checking the Services of a Company


Since there are a number of companies that offer

pre approved automotive finance assistance, one should check how a company transacts with its clients. It’s more advisable to choose a company that offers free service and online application. This will save anyone a lot of time and more importantly, money. Moreover, one should also check if a company has strong connections with auto dealers across 50 states. This will show the company’s strength and its desire to provide utmost assistance to aspiring car owners. 


Keeping Track of One’s Records


After one has determined a good company for possible auto & truck loans, it’s also important for one to check personal details that include the budget, credit score, and documents. No one can get an auto loan without a budget that’s ready to pay the terms, which is why it’s essential. The credit score, on the other hand, has to be consistently checked if there’s improvement over time. One should also inform the credit bureau if there are errors on the report. Finally, the documents such as SSN, Income and Employment Proof, and residential and car information should be submitted correctly.  

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There are many instances of people who gave up their cozy and high paying job for the want of starting their own operations. Being self employed gives them the thrill of being able to work on a project from start to finish. It also helps them in making full utilization of their skills. Lenders however do not consider the self employed worthy enough to qualify for their loans. Regular loans require a systematic payment from the borrower's side. Self employed people, with an unsteady incidence of income are deemed incapable of making regular payments. 


The reason behind lenders refusal to self employed or 1099 employees is in no way motivated by the concern for safety of the amount lent. Lenders are well aware of the high paying potential that self employed people can offer. It's for this reason that a large number of loan providers have come up with special loan deals for self employed people. These loans are known as self employed loans and are built in a form as to incorporate the features of the self employed people.

Trying to find a way by which self employed borrowers can make payments towards the self employed loans and also not be tied to fixed obligations, loan providers hit upon the flexible method of payment. Under a flexible method of payment, the loan provider does not tie borrowers to a watertight payment structure. The borrower has the option to pay as much as he wants against the loan taken. The months when profits see a high, payment too can be made of a higher amount. The higher payment will provide for the times when profit from operations is not as high. These are the times when underpayment on account of self employed loan can be made. The payment is left for the borrower to decide. He can decide the payment according to his state of financial affairs.

Apply Now for a 1099 or Self Employed Auto Car or Truck Loan Now

Payment holidays form another important feature of self employed loans. A payment holiday is when borrowers take completely off from making payments. This is when borrowers' finances see a bad turn or when the borrower has other important expenses to make. Borrowers must discuss their financial situation and the reasons behind the payment holiday with the loan provider before the payment holiday is approved.

Would lenders have accepted to mold the repayment structure in this manner in a regular loan? No! Most loan providers expressly prohibit over payments or underpayments, stating that such molding of the repayment structure of a regular loan would increase the number of calculations that they have to make. Thus the borrowers of regular personal loans have to make fixed payments whatever their financial status.

Self employed loans are also beneficial for borrowers who have experienced bad credit history in the past. Through self employed loans, such entrepreneurs can raise the necessary finance easily. Any regular loan lender would have fussed a lot on the bad credit history and would have raised the interest rate largely.

Self employed loans help borrowers make up for an important discrepancy. The self employed people are not able to prove their income. In fact, they cover up their income to evade taxes. Lenders, who need income records to check viability of borrower for loans, feel unsafe to deal with persons who only claim to have a certain income. Self employed loans can in such cases work as a self certified loan where borrowers have to certify their income.

For the convenience and flexibility that is offered on self employed loans, the self employed people will have to make an extra payment in terms of interest. Self employed loans carry a higher percentage of interest. Still borrowers will not feel the pinch because interest rates now are at an all time low level. The typical interest rates or APR start from 7%. At any other time, borrowers would have to pay expensively for the self employed loans.

Self employed loans present an important method whereby borrowers can convert the excess of equity in their home. The terms on which self employed loans is lent is further going to improve if the borrower has pledged certain collateral to the loan provider. The loan proceeds can be conveniently used for any of the personal as well as business purposes that the borrower desires. Lenders, in a bid to make the self employed loans more flexible, wouldn't interrupt in the borrowers' decision of usage.

Contact Auto Credit Financial Services Today for more information on how to obtain a Bad Credit Auto or Truck Loan at:


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Getting a Car Loan Approved with Bad Credit

A credit score is an important factor considered by Auto Credit Financial loan evaluates when processing loan applications. It basically determines how you handle debt and how capable you are of paying them off. Having a bad credit while applying for a loan can become problematic. Likewise, auto loan with bad credit, much like any other loan application will be utterly difficult. Auto Credit Financial notes how easy it is to have bad credit scores. This is the reason why a lot of companies already offer assistance to people who are dealing with credit issues.. Given this, is it really possible for a person to loan for a car having bad credit? The answer is yes.

Auto Credit Financial says that despite the notion that says people with bad credit histories are less likely to be approved for a car loan, a lot of lenders are actually giving these people a chance. During the lowest times of the recession, due to people’s growing inability to pay off loans, car industry numbers dropped.

According to a recent expert findings from Auto Credit Financial, “more buyers with poor scores are getting approved, and adding their lower scores to the mix has brought average scores down almost to pre-recession levels”, which simply means: bad credit car loan being possible. This is a good thing, considering it is coming from the lender and the car industry’s initiatives. The Seattle Times supported this claim, when it observed that there were 1.9 million cards currently being issued to borrowers with bad credit histories. Apparently, lenders in the automobile industry are giving borrowers a chance.

Still, if it is to be seen from a personal-financial management perspective, it will be important to address the main cause, which is poor financial or debt management. Instead of grabbing this tempting opportunity, it may be more helpful to focus on improving your credit score by improving your finance management skills.

Before applying for a loan, you may want to pay off that skyrocketing debt little by little until your score improves. Through this, you would not incur more debts from lenient lenders, but lessen your obligations before being able to acquire that dream car. Thus, getting a car loan despite bad credit score is possible. However, it will have to take hard work still.

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What should I watch for in my credit report?


In addition to confirming your basic information, such as your name, address, and social security number, also watch for errors and signs of fraud:


  • New accounts that you do not recall opening
  • Derogatory information that is not up to date, such as loan payment history (note that bankruptcies stay on your credit file for several years)
  • Derogatory information that is incorrect, including missed payments, collection actions, eviction, or repossessions
  • Excessive inquiries into your file.


Why is it important to check my credit report?

It's wise to check your credit report frequently for signs of fraud. If someone obtains your social security number, only a few additional pieces of information are necessary to perpetrate fraud in your name. Common types of identity theft include fraudulent bank accounts, credit cards, utilities, and loans. According to the FTC, victims of identity theft spend an average of 175 hours and $800 to clear their names. Early detection is the key to avoid suffering long-term financial consequences.


How long does it take for a closed account to be removed from my credit file?

The file will be updated in 30 to 60 days, but public records such as court actions and collections remain for seven years. Note that it may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to correct an error in your report.


Why is my credit score so important?

Your credit score is used by lenders to represent your overall level credit risk. It is essentially a numerical summary of the information in your credit report. The higher your score, the better your credit, and the more likely lenders will be to give you a favorable interest rate on a loan. Each of the three major credit bureaus has its own method for determining a credit score, but they are essentially equivalent.


How high or low can my credit score be?

Credit scores range from 350 to 850 - the higher your score, the more favorable interest rates you will receive on a loan.


Will checking my credit report adversely affect my credit?

Requesting your own credit report will not affect your credit rating. On the other hand, inquiries such as mortgage, loan and credit card applications will affect your score if several of these inquiries occur over a relatively short time frame. Some studies have indicated that this suggests you may be a higher credit risk.



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Credit Information Before You Buy


After years of delays, the credit industry finally agreed to give consumers access to their personal "credit scores." This is important, because lenders use credit scores to determine who to give credit to and at what rates. Knowing your credit score can be empowering,If it's low you can take steps to improve your credit worthiness and if it's high you may be able to use it as leverage when shopping for your next car loan.